Dai An Security CO.,LTD

Open Letter (cont.)

Your trust and support towards our company over the past few years are based on sustainable foundations:
  • LEADERS running the Company are dynamic, enterprising, and possess many years of management and operation experience at professional security companies.  Therefore, the leaders have accumulated a wide range of experience in the field of Security, and always affirm to provide our CLIENTS with security services of COMPETITIVE PRICE - TOP QUALITY.
  • Most of our security guards recommended and employed from communes and wards have completed their military service.  STAFF are trained and coached as in armed forces in order to work in an independent, bravery and decisive manner in handling any situations happening to our targets.
  •  We build our BRAND of Dai An Nha Trang Security Service Company Limited on the basis of 03 elements:
    • Constantly innovating MANAGEMENT AND OPERATION METHODS;
    • Focusing on building and completing our HUMAN RESOURCES;
    • Enhancing the experience of SERVICE QUALITY.

Please contact and cooperate with Dai An Nha Trang for security services of prestige and high quality!

Best regards,

Board of Directors