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Deploying Security Staff at Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding

Deploying Security Staff at Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding
Since July 1, 2020, Dai An Nha Trang Security Services Co., Ltd (Dai An Nha Trang) has officially taken over the professional security work at Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (HVS), which newly renamed from January 2020 with the determination to maintain and continuously develop HVS to become the Number One Shipyard in Vietnam.
The return to HVS this time demonstrates the high determination of the leaders and security staff also of Dai An Security Service Co., Ltd., confirming the rapid growth and sustainable development of the Company in Professional Protection Industry. In fact, many skilled commanders of Dai An Nha Trang have grown up through the activities of commanding and managing professional security activities here.

Besides, the takeover of protection at this HVS also contributes to supporting jobs for labor source at Ninh Hoa Town, and Van Ninh District also, and is even more significant in the period when lots of businesses and workers are facing many difficulties due to the negative impact from Covid-19 Pandemic.
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